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Transition Information Form

Please the enter unique code, this can be found in the email you have received.

Student Information


Parent/Carer Information

Parent 1

Primary contact*
Does the child live at this address?*
Parental responsibility*

Parent 2

Primary contact
Does the child live at this address?
Parental responsibility

Legal order

Is there any legal order relating to the child*

Daytime emergency contacts (if different from parent/carer)

Government guidance requires that we hold information for a minimum of two emergency contacts per child on role

 NameYear Group

Consent Providing

Consent is obtained for the duration of the student’s enrolment at the Academies. Consent can be withdrawn at any time by contacting the Academies. Privacy Notices are available on our websites.


I consent to my child appearing in photos and videos in Academy news articles, website and social media.*


I consent to my child’s name* appearing in Academy news articles, including electronically *first name and first initial of surname only*

Replacement of Academy Materials

I understand that it will be my responsibility for the replacement of lost or damaged exercise books or other Academy items.*

Mobile Phone

I understand that mobile phones are not to be seen or heard on school grounds*


I consent to my child’s finger print being recorded to make purchases in the Academy dining hall .*

Free School Meals

Is your child eligible for Free School Meals?*

If Yes, you will be asked to complete a Free School Meal application form and provide sufficient evidence of entitlement.

Young Carer

Is your child a registered Young Carer?*

Ethnic details

The Department for Children, Schools & Families have asked us to request and provide them with information relating to the ethnic origin of our students. Would you please assist us by ticking the appropriate box.


Information Updates

I agree to notify the academies of any changes to personal information, including address, email address and mobile telephone number.*