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Development Priorities for 2023/24

Social Mobility

Equality of opportunity for our young people to aspire and achieve
So1 – All students achieve their aspirational target grades
So2 – Key TAG cohorts (Most Able, DA, SEND, Boys, PA) close gaps in line with national performance
So3 – All students access quality first teaching in all key stages
So4 – Sustained improvement in reading ages so students can access age appropriate material
So5 – Increase percentage of students entering post 16 education or employment, ensuring access to impartial careers guidance

Moral Purpose

Resilient active decision makers
M1 – All stakeholders become experts in our students, maintaining high expectations for all
M2 – Appropriate pathways that support inclusive education and eradicate fixed term exclusions
M3 – Effective safeguarding that promotes trauma perceptive practice, the recognition of risk and mental health support
M4 – Stakeholders demonstrate passion and commitment to our school ethos through high levels of attendance
M5 – Student leadership programmes that impact on the academy and wider community

Spiritual Awareness

Reflective citizens and curious learners
Sp1 – All stakeholders have a voice that is heard
Sp2 – Curriculum encourages regular reflection on beliefs and values
Sp3 – A gold standard Rights Respecting Academy
Sp4 – Students take responsibility for their own Learning Journey
Sp5 – British values are instilled

Cultural Capital

Equity of opportunity for our young people to aspire and achieve

C1 – An ambitious curriculum is delivered to all that is broad and balanced, providing a wide range of cultural experiences for students
C2 – All students access non-assessed enrichment opportunities that aim to combat negative external influences and foster a passion for learning
C3 – Active parental and community programmes that deliver Leading Parent Partnership principles
C4 – Rewards programme celebrates success for all
C5 – Invest in our people; grow our own leaders and specialists valuing expertise over experience