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Welcome to the Trust

Mission & Vision

Vision Statement 

The trust’s vision is to create and grow inclusive, cross-phase and key stage academies that provide equality of opportunity for young people to achieve academic excellence. 

Strategic Goals 

1. Grow our trust model to incorporate additional pathways and providers that strengthen education provisions for vulnerable children. 

2. Ensure all students achieve their key stage aspirational targets by accessing quality first teaching. 

3. Become a first choice Sixth Form provider, with growth in students enrolling on KS5 Level 3, and post-18 FE pathways. 

4. Deliver outstanding careers curriculums leading to high quality destinations for all. 

5. Deliver a curriculum for all that is broad and balanced, providing a wide range of cultural capital opportunities for students. 

6. Provide outstanding wellbeing, enrichment and personal development programmes that support inclusive education for all. 

7. Maintain financial and operational sustainability, incorporating effective systems & processes that enable a 3-year programme of growth and capital investment. 

8. Invest in our people; grow our own leaders and specialists valuing stakeholder wellbeing and managing workload.