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The Basildon Academies

Home-school Agreement

1. The Academy

The Academy will:
• care for your child’s safety and happiness;
• treat each child as an individual;
• aim to help each student attain his/her full potential;
• have a special needs policy and respond to the needs of SEND children in accordance with this;
• provide a balanced curriculum to meet your child’s needs;
• set regular and sufficient homework;
• arrange parents/carers Progress Review Days for discussion of student progress;
• let parents/carers know about any concerns or problems that affect their child’s work or behaviour;
• deal with any concerns promptly, in accordance with the Academy’s policy;
• keep parent/carers informed about Academy activities through regular correspondence;
• be open and welcoming at all times.

2. The Parents/Carers

I/We will:
• ensure that my/our child attends regularly and is punctual;
• inform the Academy of any concerns that may affect my/our child’s work or behaviour;
• provide two current contact details for my child
• attend parents/carers Progress Review Days and discussions about my/our child’s progress;
• ensure my/our child is properly equipped for the Academy and wears the correct uniform;
• support the Academy’s policies and guidelines for behaviour and homework;
• support the academies expectations with regards to the appropriate use of electronic devices.
• get to know about my/our child’s life at the Academy;
• ensure that my/our child behaves in a responsible and positive manner towards others.

3. The Student

I will:
• attend regularly and on time;
• wear correct uniform at all times;
• complete my homework;
• adhere to the Academy’s behaviour and anti-bullying policies;
• adhere to the Academy’s expectations with regards to uniform & Mobile phones.
• ask a member of staff for help when I need it, no matter how small the problem may seem;
• respect and care for other people, buildings and equipment;
• respect and take care of the Academy environment;
• attend any intervention sessions that are specifically for me to help me make progress in my lesson;
• become involved in as many extra-curricular activities as possible;
• enjoy my time at the Lower Academy.

Parent/Carer Internet Agreement

Parent/Carer – I grant permission for my child to use electronic mail and the Internet. I understand that my child will be held accountable for their own actions. I also understand that some materials on the Internet are objectionable and I accept responsibility for enforcing standards for my child to follow when selecting, sharing and exploring information and media.*

Student Internet Agreement

As an Academy user of the Internet, I agree to comply with the Academies’ rules on its use. I will use the network in a responsible way and observe all the restrictions explained to me by the staff of the Academies.*

Student confirmation of Home-School agreement

By ticking the following box you consent that you have read and agree to the Home Agreement Policy.*

Parent/carer confirmation of Home-School agreement

Confirmation of agreement*