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Biometric Agreement

As of the 2nd September 2021 the school will use biometric data to provide cashless payment for school meals and to provide access to our printing systems.

The information we use is identifying code based on a scan of a fingerprint, with student name, school year, and
class name. A fingerprint scan will be checked against available funds in the payment
account to enable the purchase of school meals, and a deduction will be made from
payment accounts.

This information is shared with our system provider who works for us under contract. The
school is the data controller. Our legal basis for using personal data for this purpose is
explicit consent. As we are relying on your consent you can withdraw consent at any time by
contacting the school.

This information will be deleted when the student leaves the school, or when consent to use
it is withdrawn.

No personal information is routinely available outside of the UK. Should a transfer of
personal information be necessary we will only do so where it is permitted by law and
where appropriate safeguards are in place.

For information about your rights in relation to this use of your personal information please
see section 5 of our overarching privacy notice, which is located with the GDPR section of
our website.

Student Information

Parent Carer Information

I consent to my child providing their fingerprint*