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The Basildon Academies


As part of an Active Learning Day students were tasked with producing a newspaper where they would research and write content of their choice. 

Year 8 students took the opportunity to advance their extended writing whilst using skills developed from Art, Geography, History and Maths.

Students combined fact with creative writing and produced articles covering a broad range of topics including; Brexit, Knife Crime Awareness, Tackling Gang Cultures, North Korea, Fortnite and The Flat Earth Society.

“I was so pleased to see students utilise skills they have developed and how they applied them to this task.” Mr Challis - Active Learning Leader

“It was really fun and I learned different writing techniques. I‘m looking forward to more lessons like this in the future.” Paige Foakes

 “Creating newspaper content in a group was a great opportunity to build team skills.” Natalea Mohammed

“I highly enjoyed this lesson. I loved how I got to expand my creative writing skills.” Megan Dunn

“I found the lesson very fun and it made us use our skills. We learnt to manage our time really well.” Awa Suwareh

“The lesson was fun and challenging at the same time.” Kieran Dougal

I thoroughly enjoyed this lesson. I think it was a good activity, developing teamwork, time management and writing. It allowed us to use a lot of creativity and overall I found it really fun.” Jennifer Simonowicz

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