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The Basildon Academies

Year 8 enjoy enrichment visits

Our Year 8 students recently experienced a day visiting three of the most popular museums in London; The British Museum, The Natural History Museum and The Science Museum.

The purpose of the trip was to develop the students cultural capital and passion for learning. The three locations were chosen in order to broaden the knowledge bases of the students across a range of topics in the build up to the GCSE option selection process. The freedom to explore the exhibits without a set staff agenda allowed the students to express their passion for learning. This led to some students taking part in interactive exhibits, spending time in depth studies of one or two topics or exploring the whole museum and taking in a wide range of themes. Overall, these experiences were intended to enrich the learning experiences of all who took part.

“I really enjoyed my day at the Science Museum, the interactive games were brilliant.  The RAF Typhoon flight simulator experience seemed very life like.” David Oyeneye

“The Science Museum was really cool & futuristic. It’s fascinating to see technology we could all be using in the future.” Jamie Bush

“There are periods of History I find really exciting and found the African displays in The British Museum really interesting, in particular the ancient statues and weapons.” Angel Buchanan

“The British Museum was full of intriguing artefacts. It was amazing to see a letter carved on stone that was over 2,000 years old. The visit made me want to learn more about how things were discovered and invented.” Catia De Brito Abdala Hortencio

“When I first stepped inside The Natural History Museum, the first thing I saw was a skeleton of a Blue Whale, it was really impressive. Even the coach journey was enjoyable; we saw lots of famous landmarks including the London Eye, the Tower of London and Big Ben, which is currently being repaired.” Scander Bouslama

The Natural History Museum is fascinating. There are a lot of exhibits and facts about animals that are now extinct. I’d like to go back and visit again” Louis Hammond