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The Basildon Academies

How will you celebrate World Book Day?

On Thursday 4th March, The Basildon Academies will be joining the 'World Book Day Reading Revolution' to celebrate stories by showing our passion for reading.

All students and staff will be enjoying a plethora of books throughout the week during their remote learning lessons. Students will be reading subject specific extract from books to feed into their passion for all subjects and reading: We will find out what really happens when we get Maths wrong in the real world. Embracing the history of our very own homeland of Basildon, including the infamous ‘Bas-Vegas’, through a 21st century play. Going back in time to find out how measly the Middle Ages really were. Learning how to tell a story in French using ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. As well as, continuing to develop all student’s knowledge and understanding with exploring key texts to help prepare them for any upcoming assessments they may have.

At home students will:
Delve into our Academy teacher's passions of reading and answer a quiz on who’s favourite genre, book, or character is this?

Find as many different reading resources they can, read them and then send a picture into us of them reading it with an explanation of why they would recommend this to others.

Explore the World Book Day website and look through all areas, listen to the 2021 World Book Day song, but specifically look at the secondary age resources

Be encouraged to re-create their favourite book's: front cover, character or scene using only materials they have at home.

KS3 Students also have an opportunity to listen to our very own audiobook, which 33 individual members of staff have helped in recording, and complete a book review based on their opinions of the story.

Finally, World Book Day book tokens, for the first time in history, will be sent electronically to students; these can then be printed if they wish to use them immediately. However, if students would prefer to they can wait and upon their return on site they can collect a physical token from us. This will provide all pupils with opportunities to engage in both reading material of their choice for pleasure and support them in being successful in their assessments and beyond!

Please do send us pictures of how you how chosen to celebrate World Book Day to