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The Basildon Academies

How will you celebrate World Book Day?

On Thursday 5th March, The Basildon Academies will be joining the 'World Book Day Reading Revolution' to celebrate stories by showing our passion for reading.

Lower Academy students and staff will be enjoying a plethora of books throughout the day from inside the academy's atrium, through to classrooms, onto the playground, within the canteen and even in our own Star-Books Café.

The Book Fair will be on site to bring us our newly purchased books from last week's event; and to give students a further opportunity to purchase a new book if they wish. Books are available to read for pleasure or subject specific books to help with student progress.

Across every lesson, students will be reading a subject specific extract of a book for at least ten minutes. In Art, students will be exploring the story of 'Alice in Wonderland' and using the original drawings to inspire their own creations and the 'Humble Pie' Autobiography by Gordon Ramsey will be devoured within Catering lessons.

Time will be spent delving into our teacher's SHELFies - which teacher has a bookshelf like this?

We will be enjoying some time in our very own Star-Books Café, earning rewards on our Star-Books' loyalty card as we lose ourselves deeper and deeper into our individually chosen books; relaxing, enjoying a hot chocolate and piece of cake whilst reading - what a great way to be spending our morning!

Finally, in order to share our stories with our peers we will be writing our very own book reviews to guide others in the right direction of mesmerising literature for them to read in the future.

Celebrations continue at The Upper Academy with a number of Year 10 students developing their knowledge and understanding of one of the key texts they are preparing for their upcoming GCSE Literature Examination as they take part in a nationwide broadcast of the play.

The Royal Shakespeare Company will be streaming a live broadcast of their 2018 production from the Globe. This will also include an interactive broadcast with the actors to think about bringing characters from a story to life!

Students have also been given Book Tokens to provide them with opportunities to engage in both reading material of their choice for pleasure and support them in being successful in their upcoming exams and beyond!

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