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The Basildon Academies

Think Logistics Workshop

When you think of your future career, how many people consider the world of Logistics? A group of our Year 10 students recently participated in a ‘Think Logistics’ workshop which gave them a whole new take on the matter.

Led by Logistics Manager Dean Woodroof, who has over 19 years’ experience in managerial roles in the Industry (including Area Operations Manager for Royal Mail), the aim of the day was to showcase the career opportunities available within Logistics.

Dean fired up everyone’s imagination with activities and discussions, including a Q&A session and sparked off conversations around the different roles within the industry and ways they could find out more through Internships, workplace visits and mentoring. Grace G found this very enlightening: “Dean explained many of the different career types you can choose. What was also interesting is that we learned that you can be spotted from anywhere and have a big opportunity for being recognised for your hard work.” 

Dean also gave the students a glimpse into the future of the industry, talking about issues such as minimising environmental impact, the drive to reduce costs and how driverless trucks may well be a reality… And maybe sooner than we think!

The students then embarked on a fun challenge; working in small groups their brief was to design and build a vessel that could successfully transport cargo, taking into consideration the costs of their start-up materials. The aim was to deliver a number of items successfully and make a profit. Any team going over their allotted time faced a penalty which would eat into their profits.  

Each team engaged with the challenge and competed to their utmost ability, with Dean commenting: “Out of all of the schools I have visited I have never seen the final result so close between all groups.” Alsi M, whose team were victorious, said: “The activity was really fun, our group worked well because of our team work and using our brains. It was interesting to learn what logistics is all about.” 
Angel B agreed: “The challenge we were set was really enjoyable, and it gave me a good understanding of product costs and how items are distributed.”

The workshop finished on a futuristic note, when the students were able to step into the world of Logistics courtesy of virtual reality headsets to explore different areas of working in the industry for themselves, including roles as Transport Planners, Depot Supervisors, Delivery Drivers and Forklift Operators. Keira E found the VR session really engaging: “The technology took on board all of my senses and it seemed as though I was really moving. It was a great experience and I would love to do it again.” 

So at the end of the day, did students feel the workshop had opened up new possibilities for them?  A potential future recruit Tobi L, said: “Before the workshop I didn’t even know what a career in Logistics entailed. Now I understand more about it.” Joella N agrees: “I enjoyed the experience and am even considering a career in Logistics.” 

The students weren’t the only ones who enjoyed the day; Dean felt the workshop had gone very well, in no small part because of the enthusiasm of the students, and said: “today has been an absolute pleasure, all of the students were totally engaged and asked lots of questions. I was really impressed with their general understanding of the jobs throughout the industry. They were a real credit to the school and I’d love to come back.” 

‘Think Logistics’ are a Nonprofit working group made up of over 40 logistics companies who promote the logistics sector's career opportunities to young people. The Basildon Academies would like to thank them for facilitating such an enjoyable event.

Click here for more photos of the day.