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The Basildon Academies

District Swimming Gala Success

Congratulations to our Academy students who recently competed in the District Swimming Gala at Basildon Sporting Village.

Triple Medal Winner Ugne.R

Our squad performed really well and were awarded a total of 9 medals, finishing the event 4th  out of 7 schools

“I competed in the swimming gala and won a bronze medal for the Medley and Butterfly events. This experience made me feel happy as they were the first medals I have ever won.” Ugne.R - Year 9

“I found swimming quite easy but trying to swim faster than usual was a bit tough. I won silver in the front crawl race without realising, it was a good experience and I’d like to do it again.” Joseph.C - Year 8

Basildon Academies Swimming Gala Medal winners:
Joseph.C - Sliver Year 8 Freestyle
Barbara.B - Bronze Year 9 Breaststroke
Alexandru.C - Bronze Year 9 Freestyle and Relay
Ugne.R - Bronze Year 9 Butterfly, Individual Medley and Relay
Elisa.A - Bronze Year 9 Relay
Igor.P - Bronze Year 9 Relay
Laura.G.M - Bronze Senior Butterfly
Rio.R - Silver Senior Butterfly and Bronze Senior Individual Medley

Overall Results:
Girls Team - 3rd with 95 points
Boys Team - 4th with 93 points
Relays - 3rd with 48 points
Overall - 4th with 222 points