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The Basildon Academies

Supporting Every Child

Using the data provided from primary schools, student progress is tracked on a Personalised Learning Checklist against a Route Planner to ensure they are always on track to meet their academic potential. If students ever fall behind, we run an intervention programme to help catch students up.

The quality of teaching is consistently good at the Lower Academy because every child has a Personalised Learning Checklist. Teachers use the checklist to track progress as well as to plan learning based on the needs of the individual.

There is a Personalised Learning Checklist for every subject which is constantly monitored to ensure progress is made. Students in Years 7 and 8 have formal assessments twice a year and following these assessments we will report progress to parents and carers through an Academic Review day.

Year 9 students have three formal assessments during the academic year which are followed by Parents’ Evening to discuss progress.

It is important to stress that progress is made every day in every lesson and the purpose of the formal assessments is to consolidate what has been learnt. By introducing students to the challenges of formal examinations we are preparing them for the challenges of public examinations at the Upper Academy and beyond.