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Students enjoy Lower Academy Sports Day

Friendly rivalry and a fantastic community spirit were the highlights of this year’s Lower Academy Sports Day.

Hawking House were overall winners for the second year running. Well done to everyone who took part.

“Sports Day was really enjoyable. It was fun to have friendly competition with other students in the school and also the staff were really supportive.” Jashelle M and Maria M – Year 9

“Sports Day was an amazing event. I came 3rd in the Long Jump and I’m glad I took part.” Joella N – Year 9 

I enjoyed Sports Day and I really enjoyed working with my team. Jayla T - Year 8

“I loved Sports Day and I’m so happy our team won.” Sefakor L - Year 8 

“Although our team didn’t win, it was great to participate in such a fun event.” Naomi L - Year 8 

“I really enjoyed sports day, it was really good because I won every race I took part in and Hawking House won the trophy.” David A - Year 8 

“The event was amazing. I won the Hammer Throw with a distance of 17.6 and was really pleased because I didn’t train.” Ben E  -Year 7 

“I took part in the 800m and Long Jump and really enjoyed taking part. My mum is really proud of me.” Mihai A - Year 7 

“Sports Day was incredible. It was good to be part of a team. “Maria P - Year 7 

“I threw the furthest distance in the Discus event, so I am really proud of that. I took part in the 100m and relay but pulled my hamstring so I was disappointed about that.” Reggie W - Year 8

“I was really pleased to win the High Jump and be part of the winning team. I was part of a really close 100m final, only just missing out on first place.” Tyreese L - Year 9

“Sports Day was fun and it was good to win. It was very exciting.” Awa S - Year 8

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