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The Basildon Academies

Science Project is out of this world

Well done to our Year 7 and 8 students who have successfully completed their recent Solar System Project.

The series of Active Learning lessons have seen our scientists work extremely hard in researching the planets and recreating them as 3D models.

Science Teacher, Miss Alger, was very impressed with the students’ quality of work and cannot wait to display the planets in her classroom; “They have committed themselves with great passion and have used every opportunity to make each planet as realistic as possible.”

 “The project was really fun. We learnt about the elements that make up the planets and the difference in surfaces.” Cristian.C - Year 7

“It was interesting to learn about the temperatures of the planets and the order that they orbit the sun.” Lisa.M - Year 7

“The best bit about the project was learning how far the planets are from the sun and discovering that some planets have their own moons.”Hope.P - Year 7

“Painting the planets and learning about the order of the planets was the best part of the project.” Reese.S - Year 8

“The project was fun and challenging. I now know about the difference in size between each planet.” Amber.B - Year 8

“Creating the 3D models was enjoyable and also challenging, because we had to make the planets look realistic.” James.P. - Year 8

“This project was a fun and creative way to learn about the solar system. It was great to work as a team to design the planets.” Sinead.C - Year 8

Click here for more photos of the project.