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The Basildon Academies

Sixth Form Mentors Inspire Lower Academy Students

Sixth Form mentoring has been running at the Lower Academy this term. It provides opportunities for Key Stage 3 students to work with role models engaging in sport, art and reading and writing activities both inside and outside of the classroom.

The Sixth Formers taking part are able to build future UCAS applications through their mentoring work, as well as share their knowledge from their Level 3 studies.

Ingrid Ionita, Year 13, is finding being a mentor very rewarding; “The kids have inspired me to be a better leader because they look up to me, this makes me want to pursue my ambition of becoming a teacher.”

“Ingrid is an amazing artist and it’s been great having her in our class. She’s so kind and helps us improve our art in so many ways.” Megan Dunn - Year 8

Sixth Formers Reuben Cassidy and Billy Hiron have been helping students develop their skills in Basketball, Dodgeball, Football and Rugby. Billy commented; “They really enjoy their sport and at the same time take it seriously. Taking part in the mentoring programme has helped a lot with our BTEC Sport Studies.”

“Reuben and Billy are brilliant mentors, they really help us during lessons.” Iwade George - Year 7

Year 12 student Natalija Tkacuka has been working with the Year 7, 8 and 9 Drama students; “It’s great to see how much potential every single student has, many of them are eager, creative and energetic. Overall I found helping out, with Mrs Stoddard’s support, a fun and lovely experience.”

“Ingrid is a joy to sit with, she is one of the best art helpers ever. I enjoy her company every single Friday.” Jade Meakins – Year 8

“Ingrid is an amazing artist and friend, I really hope she is successful in life.” Grace Hunt – Year 8

Year 13 student Beth Wilson has been supporting students during their Science lessons; “It has been a great experience being able to interact with younger students and being able to encourage them to do well.”

“It has been brilliant working with Beth, she has really helped us, especially with our learning of the periodic table.” Sisipho Akinbobola & Rayan Ahmad

“Having Natalija in my Drama lessons has been really helpful. She has studied the same skills and gave encouraging advice to me on improvising actions between lines to make my character more natural and believable.” Zsofi Feher – Year 7

Headteacher Mr Smith commented; “I am very proud of our Sixth Form Mentors and the work they are doing at The Lower Academy.  They are real role models for our Key Stage 3 students.”