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The Basildon Academies

Dress Code

Basildon Academies Sixth Form students should dress professionally at all times. Students should be smart and business like.

Do Wear Don't Wear

Trousers of a smart style

Denim of any kind

Smart skirts or dresses that are an appropriate length

Strappy vest tops so shoulders are exposed


Leggings, shorts or lycra


Ugg boots, vans, converse, trainers, open toe sandals, high heels (health & safety), flip flops

Cardigan, jumper or jacket

Hats or caps

ID when on site


During the summer months, smart tailored shorts can be worn and these must be an appropriate length (Knee). Any form of sports or active wear shorts are not permitted to be worn.

It is not possible to predict changes in style or fashion, but any extremes in style or fashion which, in the opinion of the Head of Sixth Form, are judged to be dangerous, or felt to undermine the culture of the Sixth Form, will not be tolerated. This dress code has been drawn up to reflect that the Basildon Academies Sixth Form is part of a school-based working environment.