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The Basildon Academies


Career and Aspirations Day for Upper Academy students a huge success!

Motivational speaker, Rianna Price from The Fixup Team, started the day with a high energy interactive speech. She emphasised the importance of trying, stating that “With hard work and determination, success is accessible to everyone. Breakthroughs can be made by trying; Intelligence is not fixed and can be developed through hard work and support.”

“The students really took to the exercises and opened their eyes to the bigger picture of what’s going on in the world and how their values could contribute!”  Rianna Price – The FixupTeam

During the assembly students took part in exercises exploring where they want to be in 10 years’ time and how they can realise their ambitions. Some brave individuals took to the stage to share their thoughts. In addition, students were given an opportunity to reflect on ‘global goals’ where they considered how their chosen career path may contribute to society on a wider scale.

A group of Year 10 students were busy throughout the day developing their skills with support from facilitators from the Transformation Trust and Barclays Life Skills. They were involved in workshops linked to finding suitable careers, the importance of people skills, networking and writing CVs that stand out and focus on achievements. Interview skills and techniques were also a priority with the focus on working alongside people to succeed.

“We see a lot of young people in our role as ‘Barclays Life skills’ facilitators and it was a joy to work with Year 10, who were fully engaged and interacting in our exercises.” Adam Cohen – Facilitator

Members of our Sixth Form participated in similar workshops with the focus on developing further skills for employability and career progression. The aim was to look at top skills that future employees look for. In addition, students received advice on tackling tricky questions in an interview. “The Sixth Form students were a pleasure to work with. They discussed skills for employability, career goals, CVs and interview skills. The students made great contributions and actively participated in the workshops.” Sue Kuzubasoglu – Barclays LifeSkills Facilitator at the Transformation Trust.

In another session, Sixth Form students gained advice from Lydia Greenhalgh, a recruitment lecturer visiting from Portsmouth University. Lydia focused on explaining factors that affect choice of university. She offered advice regarding making decisions on what courses to take, finding work experience and volunteering to get an idea of whether what you will be studying will be the correct career choice.

Later in the day, groups of Year 11’s took part in GCSE Champion Workshops with Rianna Price; The final years of secondary education are a crucial time for young people. Acknowledging that they are faced with various pressures, both personal and academic, the Fixup Team have designed The 'GCSE Champion' program to motivate and inspire students to rise above their challenges and come out on-top in their exams! 

Well done to everyone who took part in this hugely successful, motivational event. It was a unique opportunity for students to discuss their destination at the end of year 11, research different careers, the qualifications required, college and university courses available and ensure that they are linked to their chosen career pathway.