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The Basildon Academies

British Science Week 2020

To mark this year’s British Science Week, our Lower Academy students participated in a series of memorable activities.

Our young scientists were set a wide range of challenges that included producing insect repellent, raft building and making ‘Armpit Fudge’ using only their body heat to melt the ingredients.

The theme of the week was survival and a number of our brave students took part in an ‘I’m a Celebrity…Get me Out of Here’ style Bush Tucker Trial.

To demonstrate the scientific meaning of equilibrium, students were also invited to take part in games of Tug of War. This proved very popular with our students who were taking part throughout most of their lunchbreak.

“Building the raft was a big challenge, all of the class took part. I had a lot of fun making it, even though my team’s raft sunk.”
Millie.I - Year 7

“I loved science week, it was really fun especially working in a team to design and build a raft. I enjoyed making fudge, not only was it interesting to learn the science involved it was also yummy to eat.” Olivia.H - Year 7

“We demonstrated to other students how friction works. We interweaved the pages of two text books and then tried to pull the books apart but couldn’t due to the friction on the pages. The Elephant Toothpaste demo was amazing because of the way it exploded out of the bottle, it was steaming and hot.” Macie.M & Viktorija.M - Year 8

“The penguin huddle experiment was really good because we learned how body temperature is vital for survival. The Bush Tucker Trial was a lucky dip which was brilliant.” George.H - Year 7

“Science week was amazing. The activities were interesting, especially the exploding cola and Mentos demonstration.” Filip.D - Year 8

“Lots of people joined in the Tug of War. Mr Rowland and Mr Ogden had a competition against each other which was fun to watch.” Harrison.B - Year 7

“I loved building a raft with objects like spaghetti, wooden sticks and ping pong balls. Science Week was a lot of fun with lots of great experiences.” Aimee-Lee.H Year - 7

"I liked science week because we got to participate in interesting and engaging experiments. My favourite activity was making insect repellent.” Nina.M - Year 9

 “Taking part in a Tug of War competition at lunchtime was a really good experience. I found Science week fun and challenging.” Lillie-Rae.K - Year 7

“The Bush Tucker Trial experience was both amazing and gross. I enjoyed all of the activities during the week.” James.S - Year 7

“It was a really fun week especially taking part in the Tug of War.” Sonny.J-B - Year 7

“I found the whole of science week very interesting. My favourite activities were raft-making and The Bush Tucker Trial.” Shaunak.G - Year 8

I liked taking part in science week, the practicals were really inspiring. The raft activity was really fun.” Lily-Mae.M - Year 7

“The Bush Tucker Trial was fun and exciting. I also enjoyed setting light to my teachers hand in the methane flame experiment. I enjoyed science week because it was an opportunity to do lots of practical experiments.” Sabaun.A - Year 7

Click here for more photos of students taking part in science week activities.