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The Basildon Academies

Sixth Form Roadster Event

This month our Sixth Form students had a visit from the Safer Essex Roads Safety Partnership.

Students were engaged with 6 40 minute scenarios during a full day of activities which included information on the fatal 4 reasons for road traffic collisions:
Drink/Drug Driving
Mobile Phones/Texting
No Seatbelts

Presentations on tyre safety and first aid at the scene of a crash were also delivered. Students had an opportunity to drive off road within The Lower Academy grounds.

“Road safety is very important and I learned so much during the different sessions. The driving experience was amazing, the instructor helped to settle my nerves and was really kind and encouraging.” Gabriele.A - Year 13

“The Roadster day was very useful in general. We learned about the process of getting a driving license and also about road safety including the importance of not being under the influence of drugs while driving and how this can impact on our lives.” Jessica.O - Year 12