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The Basildon Academies

Camera-less Photography Workshops

Our Year 11 Photography students were given the opportunity to work with professional artist Laurence Harding during a series of creative workshops.

The workshops exposed our students to new and exciting techniques in order to develop innovative and experimental approaches to their GCSE coursework.

Students investigated camera-less photography techniques including Photograms and Cyanotypes outside of their usual learning environment. Through working with these specialist photographic processes, students were able to see continuum from classroom to industry.

 “This was very different and I learnt many new photographic techniques.” Jordan K

“The workshops were really interesting and I learned a lot of new techniques in photography that I will use in the future.” Chloe L

“I enjoyed experimenting with different techniques in the darkroom to create images.” Joseph V

"I enjoyed it because it was a new experience and it helped me a lot with my imagination and it will help me in the future.” Dorina C

“This workshop showed me many interesting photography techniques and how using them can create a narrative.” Kristine S

“I would like to thank Mrs Laker for the opportunity to come and lead a two-day photography workshop for her Year 11 students. I introduced the students to Cyanotype printing which is one of the earliest Victorian photographic processes and it was followed by a traditional darkroom induction, where the students experimented with photograms, using negatives and objects printed on light sensitive photographic paper.  The Basildon Academies has fantastic facilities for their photography students, who were very keen to learn about enlargers and darkroom practices. They printed amazing photographs for their workbooks, and learnt essential darkroom skills that they can carry forward in their future studies, especially if they want to pursue a photography-based career. I really hope that they will continue making great photographic work, using their facilities as often as they can.” Laurence Harding – Professional Artist

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