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The Basildon Academies

Year 8 Parachute Experiment

Our Year 8 scientists have been making parachutes designed to give the best air resistance.

Using survival scenarios with limited resources, our students were put into groups and tasked with creating a parachute that would save a pilot. For the experiment they used eggs as a pilot substitute!

After making the parachutes, our groups tested their creations from the top of a stairway checking flight times and to see whether their pilot cracked.

“This practical was the best. It was good fun making the parachutes and watching the other teams testing their designs. All round fun activity!” Connor M   

“I loved this practical lesson as we got a chance to build a parachute and put it to the test. We only had certain materials to work with so that made it a real challenge.” Ashton W

 “This experiment was the best one yet! I really enjoyed making the parachute with the rest of my group. I also liked going up against the other groups in my class.” Maddie T  

This lesson was very fun and I was excited to take part. We all enjoyed making the parachutes and testing them from the top of the stair case. I enjoyed working with my team and having a little competition.” Millie S  

 “Testing the parachutes was a great way to find out how powerful air resistance can be. Our team made a parachute the created enough air resistant that our egg pilot did not crack.” Neira M

“It was a very fun experience and I enjoyed it. Sequencing maps is a new skill I have learned.” Daisy.W

“It was a really fun lesson, I’d like to do it again.” Kelsie B

Click here for more photos of the project