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The Basildon Academies

Music Industry Day strikes the right note

The Music Enrichment programme was taken to a new level recently, when students from the Lower and Upper Academies welcomed professional guests from the music industry Sam Robson & Erin May. 

The guests led a series of workshops including the study of key features within song writing (which included some top tips from the guest musicians), and group work on writing lyrics and building chord progression. A performance workshop where the students performed their compositions to each other via a professional back line and P.A. was followed by a live performance by Erin May and an inspirational talk on the music industry from Sam Robson. 

Jessie.O and Charlie.N from Year 9 found the day really motivational: “Today we were inspired to create music no matter what comes into our path”, and Elizabeth.A from Year 8 also agreed it had been an incentive to look at music differently, adding, “the workshop has inspired me to try and play the musical instruments I have and to practice singing more so I can get better. It also made me think about a career in music.” 

For the students, what really hit the high note was the leadership of the workshops by Sam and Erin May; Samuel.E from Year 10 explained; “The workshop leaders helped us to achieve the goals we wanted to achieve in the workshop and supported us when it came to performing live to the class.” Year 10 student Catia.H echoed the sentiment saying the duo were “really nice and helpful to work with”.

The final word must go to Keira.E, Year 10, however, who summed it up by saying, “My experience from the Music Industry Day was one to add to my memories. I hope they do another workshop like this again!”

Could this be the sweet sound of success?

Click here for more photos of the day.