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The Basildon Academies

Medical Mavericks

Upper Academy students were given a fantastic opportunity to develop their knowledge and understanding of medical science during a recent STEM Day.

Guests from the ‘Medical Mavericks’ Team, led workshops linked to careers in the health service, enabling students to learn about a wide area of the careers available to them.

The Key Stage 4 and 5 students enjoyed taking part in various hands-on activities including recording using ultrasound equipment, carrying out their own ECG tests and experiencing what it would be like to perform keyhole surgery using a training device used by real surgeons.

“It was very fun, it taught me a lot about careers in the medical profession and helped me learn about the equipment that is frequently used. I also learned about different types of eye diseases and how to stay healthy.”

“Medical Mavericks was a fun experience. I was already interested in a career in the NHS and this workshop has made me even more determined.” Nicole.B

 “Key hole surgery gave us an idea how difficult it is. My ambition is to join the Army and learning how to use lifesaving equipment is something I am sure I will need to know in the future.” Colby.N

“The experience was extremely inspiring and has led me to research further into careers within the medical profession.”

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