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The Basildon Academies


Being at the Academies since Year 8 has been such an exciting journey and one that will continue to bring me many opportunities and advantages.

The Academy is a great school which has offered me unimaginable amounts of support and has helped me to develop as a person. This has given me the confidence to take part in public speaking.

I have represented the school in two national competition for Maths and English. I believe I was chosen for the competitions because my teachers wanted to help me fulfill my potential.

I am currently studying A-Levels in English, Maths and Physics at the Sixth Form, and with the continued support from my teachers I know that I will achieve what I am capable of. They have helped broaden my understanding of what options are available to me in the future. I am sure that  the educational visits and extra hours of support will benefit me when I sit my A-Level exams.

Liviu - Head Boy
Year 13