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Respect Ambassadors inspired by Little Havens Hospice visit

Year 8 Lower Academy Respect Ambassadors were recently invited to Little Havens Hospice in Benfleet as part of their continuing commitment to support the children’s charity.  

Miss Kansaran, Michelle Ayton & Marianna

Hospice volunteers Marianna and Megan gave our students a tour of the rooms and facilities, which include a magnificent garden, an interactive sensory room and swimming pool. During the visit our Ambassadors learned about how the hospice operates and what it takes for the hospice to stay open.

During the visit our students asked lots of questions and gained inspiration for their future fundraising ideas.

 “I think the Hospice does a wonderful job. They make sure children who stay there are comfortable and are cared for. The hospice has beautiful views and we learned a lot about the how the charity raises the money it needs to stay open.” Awa.S

“We were really impressed by the facilities they use to support the children. The garden was very impressive.” Olivia.M & Ashley.A

“The hospice was so colourful and unique. My favourite part was the fairy garden where they could make wishes. The fairy garden has a memorial for each person.” Lucy.H

“When I walked into Little Havens it was as if I was walking into a different world. It was full of colour and had lots of enjoyable things for kids to do. It was fun and a great experience.” Maria.S

My favourite part of the hospice was the teenager’s room because there are some beautiful murals to remember those who have passed away. The living room area was a lovely space where families can be together.” Natalea.M

 “They have adapted the hospice to everyone’s needs. The volunteers at the hospice are so positive and bubbly.” Michelle.A

“The hospice has many volunteers to talk to and space for families and even friends can stay if they want, so kids don’t feel lonely.” Abbie.D