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The Basildon Academies

Year 9 Complete Literacy Project

Well done to our Year 9 students who have successfully completed their Make Happen ‘Write Your Own Future’ literacy project.

As part of the project, students attended the University of Essex, Southend Campus, initially taking part in 3 literacy workshops; creative writing, journalism and blogging & memoir writing. During their second visit to the University, students were allocated their preferred choice of workshop topic and were tasked with writing a piece of work within that category.

For the final part of the project students visited Shakespeare’s Globe, where they took part in the ‘Lively Action’ workshop. The group acted out some of the lines from Macbeth, a play which they are currently studying, and were given a guided tour of the globe theatre.

To recognise and celebrate the completion of the project, parents and students were invited to a presentation evening at The Lower Academy. All students were awarded with certificates for their participation. Three students were presented with individual winners trophies for excelling in their chosen category:

Blogging and Memoir Writing winner: Lucianna.T
Creative Writing winner: Raheema.I
Journalism winner: Kirsty.M

“All students worked really well and the workshop leaders were really impressed with the level of engagement and hard work the students put into their pieces for the competition.” Ashley Price - Collaborative Outreach Officer

“I found the Make Happen project really eye opening and fun. Blogging taught me different writing skills that I can use in the future. I also learned different facts about university life.” Anna.C

“I learned a lot of new things I didn’t know before, met new people and all round had a positive experience with my class mates and the staff from Make Happen.” Jack.S

 “When we visited Shakespeare’s Globe, I leaned a lot about Shakespearian times and the language they used during the Elizabethan era.” Kirsty.M

“The globe theatre was interesting as it was a different and new experience. The tour guide helped us to understand some of the Shakespearean language.” Riley.N

“We explored the theme of power and dominance and how Lady Macbeth exerted this control over her husband, it was really good!” Wallis.K