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The Basildon Academies

Developing the Whole Child

The school’s personal, social, health and relationships education (PSHRE) programme is carefully constructed. Pupils learn how to look after their physical and emotional health. Ofsted 2019

At the Lower Academy we have extensive enrichment and extra-curricular programmes that broaden horizons, combat external negative experiences and build positive relationships.

We hold regular Health & Well-Being Days where students are able to interact with external agencies, organisations, employers, staff and older students to become better informed on issues relating to their personal health, safety and well-being.

Our extra-curricular programme offers experiences that range from sports clubs, STEM, Junior University Graduates and the Brilliant Club.

Parental partnerships play an important role in assessing the areas of need and development for our young people.

We also recognise there is more to life at the Academy than academic progress; we know it is our moral purpose to educate the “whole child” and develop the attributes of leadership, organisation, communication, initiative and resilience in every child.

To support the excellent teaching, we have a number of additional adults available throughout the day. Our Student Development Leaders and Champions are there to support learners in lessons and help them to overcome any barriers that might prevent them from learning.

Pupils who are diversity ambassadors, sports captains or on the school executive are proud of these roles. They represent and support other pupils well. 

Mrs S O’Neill
Senior Student Development Leader
Mrs T Martins
Senior Student Development Leader


They can get a variety of support through the school, for example through a young carers group, peer-led support and ‘respect days’. Ofsted 2019