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The Basildon Academies

Staff & students receive Jack Petchey achievement awards

Congratulations to staff and students who have been honoured by the Jack Petchey Foundation during a recent awards ceremony at the Towngate Theatre.

The prestigious awards were presented to students from Basildon schools who had been nominated in recognition of either a major achievement, notable progress or by overcoming difficulty. Fourteen Academy students were presented with the Outstanding Achiever Medallion and framed certificate by The Mayor of Basildon, Councillor David Dadds and Chief Inspector Sam Smith of the Essex Police.

Miss Hayers & Miss Rayner were also celebrated with Leader Awards for demonstrating, in an outstanding way, an ability to motivate young people.

“My award was for growing in confidence, changing my attitude to learning and helping others. I have tried to be the best that I can be. I think other kids should try their best, everyone is capable of doing something, they just need focus, commitment and motivation. It can be a long and difficult journey but anything is possible.” Jessica King – Year 9

Another proud recipient of the award, Anna Coka, Year 9, commented “My award was in recognition of being helpful to others, my participation in lessons and attitude to learning”. Speaking about the ceremony, Anna added; “It was a really fun evening, there were so many people there. I really liked the presentation, the live music and meeting the Mayor.

“I was really surprised, I never thought I’d be given an award for doing what I do. The evening was amazing, a place where people are recognised for their achievements.” Luke Green – Year 8

Year 10 winner Liliana Donnelly, who was recognised for her role as an Academy Respect Ambassador, commented; “I make myself available at break and lunch time to students who feel they need someone to talk to. I think sometimes it’s easier at first for students to talk to people their own age if they have something that is concerning them.”

 “I feel really proud to receive this award. It was a brilliant evening too.” Jake Heywood Year 8

Maria Magean received her award for her dedication to helping students. Maria acts as a translator for students whose first language is not English. “This experience has motivated me to help others even more. I feel extremely proud.”

Each student also received £250 which can be spent towards resources for the school or funding school visits.