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The Basildon Academies

Jack the Ripper comes to The Lower Academy

During Active Humanities, both year 7 and 8 students were transported back to 1888 to help Scotland Yard's lead investigator, Sir Charles Warren, investigate and hopefully solve the reign of the infamous Jack the Ripper.

For three months fear and panic stalked the streets of London’s East End, and it was down to the super sleuths of The Lower Academy to help stop this criminal before more women were murdered and horribly mutilated. 

Students walked 'the streets of London' collating and analysing evidence from each murder scene. They listened to key witness accounts and examined forensic evidence on each victim's butchered body. They became police sketch artists and finally made an arrest of the suspect they believed was capable of such a gruesome crime. 

Did we catch the Whitechapel butcher?... who knows! 

“I liked it because it was a really good way to learn about the different murders that were committed. The active lesson helped me a lot more because you go and investigate.”  Sasha Marchant - Year 8.

“I found it interesting because I found clues about who the killer is by using information around the school”
Kevwe Okotoghaide - Year 8.

Jake Heywood & Tyler Barton investigating the crime scene.