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Year 11 Inspired by 'Inner Winner' Workshops

On Friday 24th January, a number of our Year 11 students attended the 'Inner Winner' Workshops following the collection of their Mock Examination Results.

The purpose of the event was to motivate and challenge students to have a positive mindset - an important message at such a crucial stage of the Year 11 Learning Journey! 

Students looked at the qualities needed to be an Inner Winner - how their internal mindset can support us in achieving our goals and ambitions. James Sherwood, from MADE Training, successfully provided an insight into how the way in which we feel about something will impact how we act. How we act ultimately determines our outcomes so how we view challenges positively is key! 

Students personalised this by coming up with their own mantras and power gestures to help with entering challenges in a positive mindset and supported each other in sharing their ideas. 

The session really provided students with the confidence to think positively about their future and how to achieve it. 

“James taught me to always be prepared for everything in life and give my full energy for every door that is opened for me. I now know that I need to think positively to get a positive outcome. Overall the session was very inspiring and motivational and I will be using all of the techniques and advice James has taught me.” Luis.G - Year 11