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The Basildon Academies


When I first joined the Basildon Academies in September 2017 I was nervous. Being from another country, I was afraid the language barrier would affect my progress.  Those emotions soon vanished as members of staff were supportive and push me to always do my best, even when I didn’t think I was capable of doing so. Here at the Basildon Academies they understand that each student learns differently and supports them through it, which was crucial for me.

Our rewards scheme is motivational. The scheme consists of credits which are awarded to students who make good progress.  Once milestones are reached we receive a reward.

Currently I am studying History, Drama, Business and Childcare as GCSE subjects. I feel these options will support my further ambitions of studying Criminology at university. I am not nervous for my future because I know the Academy will support, guide and encourage me through my journey and help me lay a foundation for myself later on in life.

My favourite subject is Maths as it requires complex thinking. I also study Science and History, enjoying learning about the world around us.  

I am proud to call myself a student of The Basildon Academies. I am positive I will receive the support I require for me to develop the skills needed to further my education.

Grace – Year 9