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The Basildon Academies

Lower Academy receives gardening award

The Lower Academy has recently been awarded the RHS Level 1 School Gardening Award in recognition of the success our Gardening and Allotment Club students have achieved.

Since the beginning of the school year Miss Alger and the #BAAllotment Enrichment Clubs students have been transforming part of the quad into a thriving allotment.

The students have worked extremely hard to enhance the ecosystems around the plot, develop future plans for expansion and growth alongside producing fruit and vegetables. They are also in the process of working towards their Level 2 award.

"The Gardening Club is great. We have planted seeds to grow vegetables and plants. I would recommend this to anyone." Alex.J

“I think gardening is a really fun and I would definitely recommend it. We’ve added a lot of features to our garden to attract wildlife including a pond and bird feeders.” Freya.C

“We really enjoy the Allotment Club. It is great to work as part of team to achieve something amazing.” Annabelle.G & Evelyn.J

Congratulations to the following students for helping to achieve the award:

Alex.J (8G2)                           

Jake-James.N (7G2)

Annabelle.G (8G7)

Logan.P (8G5)

Bobby-Jay.T (8G8)

Martie.C (8G5)

Brandon.P (7G6)

Olivia.B (8G2)

Danny.W (8G5)

Riley.L (8G5)

Evelyn.J (8G5)

Sonny.W (8G5)

Freya.C (8G2)

Thomas.E (8G5)

Harry.P (8G5)

Tommy.G (8G7)

For more information about the RHS Campaign for School Gardening please visit: