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The Basildon Academies


Being part of both The Basildon Academies and their Sixth Form has been a great experience and one I will always be proud of.

When I joined the The Lower Academy in Year 7 I felt very apprehensive because I couldn’t speak English. I need not have worried because from the very first day everyone was really welcoming, regardless of my accent or my struggle to speak.

During lessons teachers would always work with me and offer support, even if I didn't ask for help. I was in bottom sets for all subjects because of my English, but by the time I reached Year 9 I was able to speak fluent English and I was placed in top sets for all of my subjects.

Leading up to my GCSE Maths exams, my teacher sat with me 2 days a week after school until I felt confident I was ready for the exams. Because all the teachers were really supportive, I mostly achieved 7's and 6's in all my GCSE subjects. The grades I was most proud of was my GCSE English Language and Literature which I achieved 7's in both. This was my greatest achievement while studying at the Basildon Academies. I thought I was going to fail but I ended up getting one of the highest grades in my year and this has helped me to continue to pursue my career goals and join the Sixth Form.

Since starting the Sixth Form I have been studying A-levels in Art and Photography, English and Psychology. My ambition is to achieve high enough grades to apply to Cambridge University and continue to study Psychology; get a PhD in the subject and go on to start my life in the working world as a Forensic Psychologist.

The Academies continues to offer me a great deal of support and has opened up many doors and opportunities for me. The teachers have expanded my horizons and I enjoy being here. 

Year 13