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The Basildon Academies

Rares is flying high

Congratulations to Sixth Form student Rares Turcu who has recently been accepted to enrol at Stansted Airport College, to pursue his dream of becoming a Pilot.

Rares will study Engineering and Aircraft maintenance over a period of 4 years and, will be given the opportunity to work with airline companies such as RyanAir and EasyJet.

“My passion for aviation begun when I was 12 years old and living in Romania. My first flight was in a microlight aircraft. It was an incredible experience, there were no windows or fuselage so I could see straight down, thousands of feet below. The feeling it gave me was amazing; I felt I could go above anything I wanted and, that I could do anything. I spent 2 summers learning from aircraft engineers and pilots before coming to Britain. When I joined the Upper Academy in Year 10, I knew I wanted to study at Sixth Form because the teachers have always supported me”.

“Having studied Mathematics, Applied Science, Engineering & Aviation I have now gained qualifications that have enabled me to successfully apply to join Stansted Airport College and fulfil my dream of being a pilot. As well as studying I will be doing field work, learning from staff from major Airline companies, providing me a higher chance to be selected as a pilot with them in the future.”
“In June I am starting my Private Pilots Licence which involves flying for at least 45 hours and includes examinations, I’m really looking forward to that!” Rares Turcu

“I am so proud of Rares commitment to ensuring his dream is realised”.
Mrs Durrant: Student Development Champion Year Leader – Sixth Form