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The Basildon Academies

Exam Information

STUDENT progress  

Standards of learning have continued to improve since our 2015 Ofsted Inspection judgment of ‘GOOD’.  We have made rapid and sustainable improvements year on year. 

‘The head of the upper academy is determined to provide the very highest quality of education for the pupils at the academy. The academy continues to improve rapidly.’ (Ofsted)

‘Systems to track pupils’ progress are used well to pinpoint where individuals or groups are not making the progress they should. (Ofsted)

266 A*-A grades were achieved by students in 2017 – this represented 20% of all grades achieved.

Progress 8

Our Progress 8 score demonstrates rapid and sustainable improvement over 3 years. We have added 0.73 to our Progress 8 score over 3 years.

This places us as the 4th (out of 74 schools in the Essex Local Authority) most improved school in Essex LA in terms of Progress 8 in 2017.

Attainment 8

Our Attainment 8 average continues to improve.  In 2017 we improved our A8 average by 1.2 bucking the national trend.  Nationally (and across Essex) this average fell by 4-5 points.

Again this demonstrates the academies capacity to deliver rapid and sustainable improvement.

Progress 8 – Disadvantaged Students

‘Well-targeted use of the pupil premium funding ensures that disadvantaged pupils are strongly supported, with the result that the gap between their achievement and that of others in the academy is closing rapidly.’ (Ofsted)

Our 3 year sustained improvement in Progress 8 for disadvantaged students demonstrates the impact of PPG expenditure on disadvantaged student progress.

The Academy has completely closed the gap for disadvantaged students Vs National Average.

Progress 8 – SEN

‘Different groups of pupils, such as those with special educational needs or those entitle to support from additional funding, make progress at a similar rate to other pupils’ (Ofsted)

The academies Progress with SEN students out performs the national average.

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