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The Basildon Academies

Youth Enterprise Challenge

Just like an exciting episode of The Apprentice, our Year 10 Business Studies students were tasked with setting up their own retail business from scratch!

Using the same budget of £100, each of the 8 teams researched, sourced and priced their stock, then went head to head by selling goods to members of the public.

The young traders set up their stalls opposite Pitsea Library and were given 2 hours to sell their merchandise. Plying everything from bath bombs to bird food and socks to sweets, the winners of the challenge would be the team who could make the most profit.

Selling was embraced with great energy and enthusiasm. Some of our entrepreneurs decided to approach potential customers in a bid to increase trade, politely asking members of the public if they were interested in purchasing any products.

The challenge event is the culmination of a 6-week Youth Enterprise programme which has been delivered at The Basildon Academies by community group, Heart of Pitsea Big Local.

Heart of Pitsea Coordinator, Simon Johnson, was full of praise for our teams, commenting; “The students used their initiative, communicated brilliantly and worked really well as teams. They should all be very proud of themselves.”

“I enjoyed the challenge and being given the responsibility and experience of running a business. It was fun selling things and setting everything up. We worked as a team, put a lot of effort in and it was worth it.” Marzana.A - Year 10

“I learned many skills and I gained experience in selling to members of the public.” Toju.J - Year 10

“The selling challenge was really enjoyable and it helped put the business skills we had been learning in class to the test. I had fun and my team really pulled together and we came first!” Morgen.C - Year 10

“The challenge showed me what working is like, if I could do it again I would.” Connor.F - Year 10

“I found the challenge really beneficial because I’ve now had a real life experience and can appreciate how much work you have to put in. Teamwork was vital, had we not worked well as a team we would not have sold as many products as we did. I really enjoyed it!” Dorin.C - Year 10

I enjoyed the challenge due to the fact it was a different experience and gave us a taste of what it would be like run a business in the outside world. It helped us with learning to make a profit and with our communication skills. Kasey.C– Year 10

‘Bath Bubble Bomb’ was the team who made the biggest profit margin. Congratulations to team members; Morgen C, Remmie C, Colby l, Ruhul M, Connor F & Laszlo P

“It was good to see all the students applying the knowledge and skills that they have learnt in lessons, making the transition from the classroom to the real world. Even though there could only have been one winning team, all the students were winners as they have been able to reflect on how individual and team performance impacts on business success. Students will now have a considerable amount of information to complete their Business Enterprise coursework successfully.” Mr Williams - Head of Enterprise and Social Studies.

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