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The Basildon Academies

The Elizabethan world comes to Life at Conway Hall Revision Conference

A group of 11 students were transported back in time to Elizabethan England at a recent revision conference at Conway Hall, London; great preparation for their upcoming History GCSE exams!

History challenge winner Lukasz.M

Students threw themselves into the experience and gathered some invaluable knowledge, not least from renowned historian Dr David Starkey who spoke about the era and answered some questions from students during a special Q & A session. Lukasz.M found the session really engaging, explaining “David Starkey talked about Elizabethan England in detail, and especially about parts of Elizabeth’s life and her upbringing.” Stefan.V too appreciated “the chance to listen to David Starkey’s thoughts on the battle and how England succeeded and failed with Elizbeth I.”

To finish the session there was a ‘Last Student Standing’ challenge between all participating schools, and our own Lukasz did the Academy proud, winning a revision guide for staying standing until the very end. 

The students reported back that the day had been a great success;

“I found it very good for revision and found it great to find out actual facts from a professional historian.” Charlie.D

“It was a good educational experience and a privilege to listen to David Starkey.” Nicole.B