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The Basildon Academies

Classroom becomes courtroom for the day

Year 8 English students recently had a chance to hone their skills in persuasive writing by participating in a mock courtroom scenario.

During a lively and engaging Active Learning session, students took turns to play the accused and an attempt to convince the Judge of their innocence; they then had the opportunity to experience the process from the other side by sitting as members of the jury.  Just to make things really interesting, the accused was none other than Dr Frankenstein who had his work cut out trying to explain why he was innocent of his heinous crimes!

The enthusiasm of the students was very evident throughout court proceedings, with students keen to share their ideas.  It had also given them the opportunity to put their recent reading into practice, as Honey B. remarks, “Before the courtroom lesson we read the book and researched the character. I found this really interesting to learn about.”  Sami.G also thought the change of format was great and kept things fresh, saying it was “a nice change” and that “we could learn and express ourselves more."

So what was the final verdict from the student jury?

The final word should go to Jayden.L who says, “I loved it and it was a really fun way to learn!”