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The Basildon Academies

Students take part in national book review

Lower Academy Book Club members are currently participating in a national reading scheme for the Carnegie Medal. 

Across the nation students including our Book Club members, along with Ms Dyer and Ms Hanney, have been reading, swapping, discussing, debating and reviewing books which have been nominated for the CILIP Carnegie Medal. This is the most prestigious prize in Literature for children and young people.  The books are being read by the judges at the same time. 

On the 18th June a decision will be made as to which book they think will win the prize.

“On prize giving day we will compare our results to that of the official judges. It will be very interesting to see how our reviews compare and whether we picked the same winner.” Mrs Dyer - English Teacher

“Beyond the Bright Sea was one of my favourite books from the shortlist; a story about a girl who wasn’t accepted anywhere, but who realises that it doesn’t matter what people think. The techniques used to describe the transition between the past and present in ‘After the Fire’ are different from stories I have read before. Ana Vieru – Year 7

If you are looking for some summer reading check the shortlist out for yourself: