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The Basildon Academies

Lower Academy Careers Mentoring Sessions

Since the New Year, students have undertaken a careers programme, engaging in activities and challenges linked to employability. 

The careers programme has seen Lower Academy students independently and collaboratively take an active role in discovering, developing and practically exploring various careers and skills relating to employability and real life:

The good, the bad and the ugly (job applications)
Money skills
STEM Careers
Specific employability skills

Students have responded maturely and engaged well in all of the activities and challenges set. The weekly careers programme will continue until Easter, providing students with more opportunities to develop understanding of career pathways, employability skills and the opportunity to develop these skills in challenges set.

“The Aeroplane challenge lesson was absolutely amazing! Everyone is listening and enjoying the lessons.”
Akhtar.A - Year 7

“Over the last couple of mentoring sessions I have enjoyed doing the active lesson as well as the challenges.”
Charlie.N - Year 8

“Mentoring is a chance to discuss and work as a team, I love it as every time I walk in we are discussing something new.” Ashton.W - Year 7