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The Basildon Academies


I joined the Academies in Year 10 and from my very first day I was amazed at what a welcoming and friendly school I had joined.

The supportive environment has helped me blend in and bond with people, even with my Yorkshire accent…

With the advice and support from the teachers, I was able to gain two extra BTECs and now study Art & Design, Photography and Psychology in the Sixth Form.

Learning at the Upper Academy has opened up opportunities for me. The Music Room has allowed me to discuss and practice Music and, the Photography and Art lessons allow me to express myself in ways which were solidified in a painting or a photograph. The teachers themselves are immensely supportive, communicate well and provide help. This has allowed me to feel motivated and excel in certain areas.

My ambition is to become a personal trainer. I would like to help people to achieve their personal goals and feel confident about themselves, just like how I gained confidence through learning at the Academies. I would also love to record music in the near future and with the resources here at the school I know I will soon be able to.

Year 13