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Year 12 inspired by Cambridge University visit

A group of Sixth Form students recently spent an inspirational day at Cambridge University.

The group took part in an informative guided tour of Emmanuel College and received useful advice from Cambridge University students.

The visit was organised by Villiers Park Educational Trust and it marked the start of a new project that our four students will be participating in. The afternoon was spent discussing and planning ideas for the project with Matt Diston, Assistant Programme Director of Villiers Park Educational Trust.

Speaking about the visit, Year 12 student Natalija Tkacuka commented: “I was glad to be able to see the campus because this is one of the top colleges in the country. I felt really drawn to the environment there and it actually inspired me to consider alternatives if I do not succeed in my other choices. I now feel more educated about the courses that I should consider studying. I feel positive that this experience will help me in the future to get into the university of my choice.”