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The Basildon Academies

Brilliant Project Underway

As part of the Brilliant Club Scholars Programme a selection of Year 10 students spent the day at Royal Holloway University of London.

The visit marked the launch of the programme which will see our students take part in a university-style project led by tutor and postdoctoral research scientist, Christopher Schultz.


During the introductory session, Christopher, who has a PhD in Immunology and Molecular Medicine, explained what the students will be researching for their project ‘Feeling Better: From Holistic Healing to Magic Bullets’.


“Our tutor told us how he got his PhD and taught us some fascinating facts about medicine!” explained Jordan Meecham, one of the students selected to attend.


The University itself was established in 1886 by Queen Victoria and was originally set up as a female-only college. During a guided tour, our students could not help but be inspired by the impressive history and architecture of the buildings.


“In the Art Gallery there was a painting of polar bears that is believed to be haunted! During exams they cover the painting up as it is believed to be an omen of failure…” said Year 10 student, Abby Dangerfield. Abby has an ambition to study at university and become a teacher.


During their last session of the day, the Year 10 group were shown techniques on referencing and research. Student Alicia Pitt, who wants to be become a Clinical Psychologist, was really impressed, commenting: “In our miniature lecture we were taught about Chicago-style referencing and in-text citations. It was interesting and I hope to learn and develop these skills.”


We look forward to further updates as the project progresses throughout the year!