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The Basildon Academies

Students inspired by anti-bullying event

On Monday our Basildon Academies Respect Ambassadors took part in an inspirational Anti-Bullying event at London’s Alexandra Palace.

Each year The Diana Award host a series of exciting events to bring the country together to tackle bullying. The theme of the day was ‘Change Starts With Us’, which gave a focus on helping students understand the importance of taking collective responsibility to stop bullying.

Our Respect Ambassadors joined students from other schools to take part in interactive workshops. Students were also given the opportunity to ask questions to representatives from social media companies such as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

“I was lucky enough to represent our school and I really enjoyed the experience. The mentors leading the activities were fun and lively and encouraged everyone to join in.” Macy.M.F - Year 9

“The workshop mentors were energetic and positive. Our mentor for the Music Workshop was singer Molly Rainford, who was a finalist in Britain’s Got Talent! Overall it was a great experience and full of positive energy. If I had the chance I would definitely go again.” Jessica.W - Year 9

“I really enjoyed being there, it was a positive experience. The event showed me that there are many people fighting against bullying. There were moments that really touched people’s hearts." Petra.F - Year 8

“I loved the diversity of the event. It was all fun and creative especially the Drama Workshop which brought laughter and love. It was really good and I would love to go next year.” Jayden.L - Year 8

“My favourite workshop was Street Art because we got to interact with our group. Listening to a young boy called Charlie, who was bullied, was very heart warming.” Luke.K - Year 10

“I was glad I had the opportunity to take part. I got to meet a few celebrities and gained further understanding of how to help people deal with bullying.” Ruhul.M - Year 11

“The Street Art Workshop was very enjoyable. Overall I found the whole experience magical.” Angel.J - Year 9

“The workshops were brilliant. It was nice to perform on stage with my friends. I learned that it’s good to listen and engage with others….and to have fun.” Abbie.D - Year 9

“It was an exciting environment, full of energy, where people wanted to help and listen to each other. In the Celebrating Difference Workshop, voice coach Carrie Grant was helping the group feel confident and not to be bothered about what other people may think. I feel empowered by this experience and now feel confident to help make a change." Rayan.A - Year 10

“The Street Art Workshop was a great chance to talk to my peers about anti-bullying by finding out how their day was and what they had learned. I met this young boy called Charlie who had been bullied, and his words have inspired me to help more people. There was some social media people who told us about staying safe online and who to contact if you experience bullying.”

“Thank you to Tessy Ojo for hosting The Diana Awards and for giving me the chance to be there and learn new things.” Christian.D - Year 10

“I enjoyed taking part in the workshops because they showed the different ways we can stop bullying. I also liked the way the presentation was set out to see other people advice on bullying and what we can do to stop it.” Amber.B - Year 8

Click here for photos of the event.