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The Basildon Academies

Year 8 Active Learning Day

On Tuesday the 20th of March our Year 8 students participated in an action-packed real-life game of Cluedo.

Working with their friends in ‘Task Force’ groups, the Year 8 students attended crime scenes across maths, history, drama and science, solving mysteries and collecting clues.

The winning team found the most clues and solved the case, earning the grand prize of a collection of Easter eggs. There were four Active Learning Champions across the day who were nominated for being supportive, resilient and positive team members. The students gave fantastic feedback from the day, including the following responses:

“It was an amazing day because we were learning, but at the same time having fun and being active. Hearing people laugh all day felt great.”

“A really fun atmosphere all day with so many things to do. I was so tired at the end of the day… but in a good way.”

“It was challenging at times, but because everyone was having fun, people were pushing themselves to try harder.”

"I liked how different the tasks were to normal lessons. Using the safes in maths and props in drama was so much fun. I was proud of what I achieved.”